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Beerbohm caricatures

Allen Ginsberg


I saw the best minds of my generation
Destroyed ‐ Marvin
Who spat out poems: Potrziebe
Who coagulated a new bop literature in fifteen
Novels; Alvin

Who in his yet unwritten autobiography
Gave Brooklyn an original “lex loci”.
They came from all over, from the pool room,
New Mexico, but mostly
They came from colleges, ejected
For drawing obscene diagrams of the Future,
They came here to L.A.,
Flexing their members, growing hair,
Planning immense unlimited poems,
More novels, more poems, more autobiographies.
It’s love I’m talking about, you dirty bastards!
Love in the bushes, love in the freight car!
I saw the fornicating and being fornicated,
Saying to Hell with you!

What was it Walt said? Go West!
But the important thing is the return ticket.
The road to publicity runs by Monterey.
I saw the best minds of my generation
Reading their poems to Vassar girls,
Having their publicity handled by professionals.
When can I go into an editorial office
And have my stuff published because I’m weird?
I could go on writing like this forever...

Louis Simpson

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